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Giving Tuesday

Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. Please join the Giving Tuesday movement  and reimagine a world built upon share humanity and radical generosity.


We Rise By Helping Others

Approximately 80% of  justice impacted women and girls suffered from some form of trauma/mental health issues. Mental health/trauma issues before incarceration, during incarceration and after incarceration. Yet, instead of getting the help they need  they are left to sit in their pain. Systemic change is needed to address the many layers of mental health that justice impacted women and girls face daily. Without comprehensive support, they are likely to commit another crime which leads to recidivism. Recidivism is linked to the failure to provide justice impacted persons with the economic, health and psychosocial support necessary  to enhance well-being.

As a nonprofit that serves justice impacted women and girls, we have seen the devastating impact of trauma and mental health in the lives of the population that we serve. Many of our participants have experienced violence, sexual abuse and a myriad of other trauma during their incarceration. Upon their release prom prisons, they are often led by their trauma and mental health problems which often lead to them being re-incarcerated.  

ABHM is seeking donation until the end of the year to provide mental health/trauma care treatment for justice impacted women and girls. Our services are personalized to fit their individual need, as well as ongoing support. Please help us, to help those that are in desperate need. Click link to make a donation. 

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