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Phillip Alvin Jones was incarcerated at the age of 19 for a non homicide shooting. He was sentenced to life in prison and has spent 33 years thus far. Phillip's story is horrifying and unfortunately not unusual in the State of Maryland or the United States which has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Phillip needs your help.  To learn more about Phillip's story click read more.

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Phillip Alvin Jones, Jr. has been fed through the brutal apparatus of the American prison complex for more than half his life. At the age of only 19, he was tried and convicted for a non-homicide offense, and sentenced under incomprehensibly draconian standards to two life sentences plus an additional twenty years. At the very least, the punishment was harsh. At the most, it was an egregious miscarriage of justice. Throughout his ordeal, Phillip managed to navigate the brutality of the prison system while simultaneously shedding the shackles of his upbringing and fomenting the arduous transition from a misdirected and hopeless youth to a focused and dedicated man. After being incarcerated for decades, including at the Maryland House of Corrections Annex - one of the most infamously violent prisons in the country - Phillip has reinvented himself into not only a functional and productive human being, but a thoughtful, introspective and ardent man. His rebirth under the most extreme conditions imaginable is nothing short of miraculous.

Ways To Support

Attorneys/ Paralegals

Understanding criminal law is quite daunting if you are not an attorney or paralegal. It takes time to become well-versed in criminal law. It also takes years of training to know what to look for when evaluating a case. Phillip is in desperate need and any legal help would be appreciated. If you are an attorney or paralegal and would like to help Phillip with his case please contact us by filling attached form.


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News Cameras

Ways to Support

News Media/ Writers

Utilizing media to serve as a communication tool to promote a cause can generate awareness, build communities, unite ideas, and share narratives. We are looking for media outlets and writers who can share Phillip's story with the hope of obtaining his freedom. For all media inquiries please fill out contact form below.

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Ways To Support


If you would like to volunteer your time to help with Phillip's case please contact us. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Stand Up Meeting
Group Calls

Contact Phillip@


Alvin Jones ID# 881507

Airway Heights Corrections Center

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If you would like to support Phillip, email us at link below.


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